Building For The Future


How do you increase sales personally or in your business right now?  Start building a relationship focused environment today. 

To many sales people and even whole businesses believe the sale is a way in the door and servicing the sale will be where you make customers happy. 

That mentality is like thinking a single bucket will help you save the Titanic.    

Your organization should be looking at the sale as the beginning of a long, wonderful relationship with the customer.  Today, tomorrow, 10 years from now, in all departments; service, parts, follow up….all areas. 

I don’t mean just selling your product but also selling the idea, the brand, the philosophy.  Selling happiness and contentment with their decision will provide the ground work to start a relationship. 

You can start by focusing on filling a need.  People purchase based on many factors, but the happiest ones do so because you take something off their shoulders.     

Your product can be great, your brand could be flawless, and your sales process may be spot on.  If all of that together does not fill a need for customers, you have done a lot of work for nothing. 

Filling a need with your product or service is just the beginning.  You need to continue to fill needs as you develop the relationship.    

After the sale follow-up is a need, continuous development of your offerings, following industry trends, leading the industry……..all things both individual sales people and whole companies should be looking at to fill needs.

Relationships can be hard work, many times going through ups and downs.  Take the time right now to adjust your focus on building great relationships with your clients.

It will pay off in the long run.   

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