July 30, 2015

Business Red Team

pearl harbor

Sometimes even our best plans turn out different than we intended.

In 1932 Rear Admiral Harry E. Yarnell laid out a plan for an air attack on the military base in Oahu, HI.  The exercise was deemed a success by those observing.  Even with the success of the exercise, the findings were largely ignored.  9 years later, using almost the exact same tactics the Japanese launched their attacks on Pearl Harbor.  While the flaw was found, it was ignored and deemed “impossible” to carry out.

A “Red Team” is designed to find the flaws in any organization.  Red Teaming is used by the U.S. Army, CIA, IBM and many other companies to fine tune plans of action across many different scenarios.

We have developed our Red Team to guard your business against unseen factors and detractors in your processes.  We understand you are close to your business and do not want to disrupt that, but offer a differing viewpoint in order to strengthen your processes.

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