July 30, 2015

Sales Training


I was once part of a sales training weekend where a trainer spent  two days teaching us how to increase our sales by following her great process.

She had power point slides, hand outs, great examples of how the system worked and even nice little role playing exercises for us to do.  On the third day one of my colleagues asked her how long she had been selling to develop this process.

Her answer?

She was a teacher, not a sales person.  She had never sold anything but this process…. in her entire life.

The process had been developed in another industry, facing much different challenges than our store.  It was in a different market, with different competition, a wholly different client base and different people.  Needless to say, at that moment she lost the room.

This antiquated style of sales training should have gone out the window with the advent of the internet.  When presented to management or ownership it sounds great.

Just cut and paste this process into your business and amazing results will follow!

It forgets about the people.

We have no belief in this system.

Putting people at the top of the equation will allow you to reach heights you never imagined.

We want to train you to be a better, not a different, version of yourself.

Some things are universal when it comes to sales and by improving them we can make any process shine:





Correct Product Knowledge

Market Knowledge

Company History

Personal Branding

Allow yourself to shine by putting people first in your sales process.  Get back to valuing their needs and lives before yourself.  It will mean greater heights for you and your business.

Let our experts use their decades of real life sales experience to take your team to the next level.

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