Seeing the Best Deal

night vision

If I had a carrot for every time a customer told me they just wanted the “best deal”, I would have night vision eye balls. Unfortunately many sales people have no idea what the best deal is for their customer.

How many of you hear customers say this and you immediately think they want a reduced price?

The fact is, customers typically find value in three different areas:


Price specific customers can be broken down into two types:

1. The first just want to know they have not paid any more than anyone else. It has nothing to do with value at all; it is the feeling of having “conquered” the shopping experience. These customers typically find themselves shopping for a much longer time frame and are only satisfied with the purchase for moments after making it. They offer no loyalty to the sales person or company they purchase from.

2. The second type of price customer wants to know they are getting a good value for their money. They will take into account services provided, convenience and other factors into the price. This type of customer can be loyal if their pre-perception of the value matches up with what they receive.

The customer that values relationships needs a company or person to lead them through the process as much as the product. They want you to understand what they need. Asking questions and listening to the answers is a very valuable tool when dealing with this customer. As a sales person this customer can quickly become your biggest advocate and provide referrals and repeat business.

A knowledge seeking customer wants to know the person or company they are dealing with knows their “stuff.” Not just your product or service but also your competitors, and even alternative solutions. Finding out their needs, asking pertinent questions and providing a full break down of how you can fill those needs will prove very valuable to this type of customer.

All of these customers present an opportunity for a sale. Some require more time, some more knowledge and some a bit of both.

If you want to increase your sales, stop looking for a price that fits every customer and instead provide the customer with the best deal for them.

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