Time Management


Sticky notes littering the desk, note pads filled with scratchings, and my iPhone calendar that needs a secret decoder ring to read it.

I can’t be the only one who is constantly trying to stay on task by tasking myself to do so.  How do we fit it all in a day?  Business, kids sports, family, even some extra time with friends.

It is a full time job keeping things moving at your full time job!

Many of you can relate.  I wish I had a great tool or tactic to share with you right now.  The truth is, I struggle with this daily.  Sure there are things Ive tried, even some that work, but can I point to 1,2, a list of 5 things I do that really work every time?  Not a chance.

In the end its about moving forward win or lose.  We take the bumps handed to us, miss some things, push off a meeting now and again, all to plod forward with it all.  The winner is the person who figures it out best…. not first.

Use your time wisely.  Be the best you can be and love the ones you love.  It seems so simple and yet we all find ourselves ground down, looking for a way out at times.


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