Under Promise, Over Deliver Is A Losing Strategy


How many times have you heard “under promise and over deliver” is the key to happy customers? 

On the surface that seems like a decent strategy.  The idea of being able to keep your promises is a great premise.  You think you can get something done in a week, so you tell them 10 days and look like a hero.  That philosophy only works if your customer is comfortable with 14 days, so 10 is great and less would be amazing.   

What if that is the strategy you used to attract your spouse:

“So I plan on picking up about 43% of my dirty underwear off the floor”

“You can only expect me to remember every other birthday”

“I will only flirt with other people on Tuesdays….and some Saturday nights when you’re not around”

Even if you did pick up all your underwear and remembered all birthdays, you are never going to get anywhere setting expectations low and hoping to over shoot them.    

In business you are competing with many other people that are reaching for new heights.  They are trying to woo your customers away from you by promising to be better than you currently are, not better than the low expectation you are setting. 

They only have to be slightly better to win. 

Meanwhile you are setting a low expectation of yourself and hoping to slightly do better than that expectation! 

Why not shoot for the top?  Go out on a limb and set expectations high. 

I promise you will see amazing results when you put it out there that you are going to be a little better than you think you can be.  Than you strive to reach those heights and more.    

Go after a lofty goal and do your best to reach for it.  You may fail a few times and not reach as high as you hoped. 

Over time, I assure you, you will hit the mark more than you miss if you aim high enough.

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